desikitteh{HH} (aka the teadragoness.) (desikitteh) wrote in bus_unites,
desikitteh{HH} (aka the teadragoness.)

looking for ideas:

one of my partners has real difficulty with communication. there is a reason behind it, which i cannot explain in detail without breaching his privacy. he went through some horrible abuse as a child.

all i need though, is ideas/suggestions as to how to help him communicate. any ideas are a helps as i have none. at all.

some more detail:

- they are in another country, face to face and etc isn't an option (yet, trying to hold things together till it is)
- time zones and work make it difficult to chat more frequently
- IRC, email, and voice chat is being used
- writing is frustrating for them
- art is frustrating for them
- when a slight issue comes up, they avoid chatting, specially via voice.
- English isn't there first language, often we arn't sure if the correct meaning is taken from anything typed.
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