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bus_unites's Journal

Bodies Under Siege
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Info About This Community

This community has been created for members of the Bodies Under Siege (BUS) online community, or for anyone who has, or is, struggling with Self Harm.
This community is intended for the sharing of both good and bad experiences with Self Harm in the lives of SI'ers. Whether that be how it's affected your life, parental issues, treatment you've recieved, and so on. The community can also be used to sharing coping techniques, and distractions.
For information on Self Harm, visit the Secret Shame website, run by Deb, administrator of the BUS network.
Any particularly helpful posts will be saved in the communities 'memories', under appropriate headings.
Our sister community ljbus, is geared towards support of those with Self Harm issues.
For information on Self Harm, visit the Secret Shame website, run by Deb, administrator of the BUS network.

Rules Of This Community

Please do not post pictures of your self injury on this community. Those who do will be banned immediately. If you wish to post pictures, please find an alternative place to do so.
If you think something in your post may be triggering, please use the lj cut tag for the section in question - <lj-cut text="Appropriate Trigger Warning"> then type the triggery section followed by </lj-cut> once the trigger is finished.
A spoiler or a trigger warning flags posts that are likely to disturb others. Trigger warnings include:
SI = self injury
SH = self harm
SU = suicide
ED = eating disorder
SA = sexual abuse
OD = overdose
Language = swearing
Religion = religious content
Please be supportive. This is an open community for now, but if people are found joining just to criticise member's chosen methods of coping or Self Injury in general, then they will be banned, and the community may be closed.
Suicide notes are not permitted on this community. If you are in immediate danger to yourself SEEK HELP IN REAL TIME, whether that be through parents, friends, helplines etc. It's not fair on other posters to read a suicide note, knowing they can't do anything about it physically. Take responsibility for your own actions.
THIS IS NOT A METHODS TRADING COMMUNITY. Do not post asking about better ways to hurt yourself, but by all means ask about safer ways to SI and take care of wounds.