Ms. Riot (mzriot) wrote in bus_unites,
Ms. Riot

bus down?

is bus down for anyone else? or is it just my computer? 
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It's down for me, too!
Does your page pop up debug mode?
yeah it does.

I was hoping someone might update here and say if its going to be fixed soon..

I'm really struggling without it.
*hugs if okay*
I don't have the contact info of any of the admins or mods, otherwise I'd try to get an update.
Maybe get offline and do something that keeps your mind busy for the rest of the day? This could be a Big Crash, so maybe check in once a day for a while and see if it's back. Maybe you can do some spring cleaning or build a bird feeder or organize your sock drawer?
Best wishes that you can stay safe!
thanks :)

I'll find something to do.. there are loads of other sites I should be using.